Since 1968, your Mission has grown and matured to match the changing needs of those it services in Christ's name.


Our Mission Statement:

To serve the community, jointly and ecumenically, in such a way as to make the compassion and reconciling purpose of God felt wherever there is human need.


Our Vision Statement:

The Watertown Urban Mission, an ever-growing organization, through the support of our congregations and our community, will provide continuous resources to meet basic life needs that maximize the potential and sense of dignity for all.


Who We Are & What We Do:

Centrally located in the City of Watertown, the Mission serves residents in the city and throughout Jefferson County. We work with other service organizations to ensure community needs are met adequately and efficiently. With generous donor and volunteer support, we help people rise above their circumstances and in turn, we strengthen our community.

We work with about 50 member churches, community-minded organizations, businesses and kind-hearted individuals. Together, we provide support to stabilize the lives of those in crisis and empower them to move forward toward a brighter future.  


Stephen Todd

Vice President:
Denise Wallace

RoAnn Dermady

Allison Gorham

Past President:
Dan Osborne

Alexa Bennett
Jenna Ebbrecht
Richard Gefell

Lawrence Hasseler
Jim Heary
Susan AM Johnson
Father Chris Looby
Pastor Robert Tharp
Dacia VanEenenaam